Ugandan Odyssey

Ugandan Odyssey
Me and the kidlets of Uganda

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please stay tuned...

....Hello there...Sorry to be MIA...Life in the real world started happening at warp speed and took me for quite a ride...I've been working on a very LONG post which will be out in several days...Thanx for checking in.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

POST 3: Non-Post>> "Essential Video to Watch if u are a supporter of a BabyLost Mommy who is continuing her brave journey to one day see her baby dream come to fruition"

This isn't a new post, it's just a quickie video insert: This is the most important, made-me-cry video that I have yet seen about us fierce BabyLost Mommys. Please watch it and feel free to share this with other beautifully brave and softly fierce BabyLost Momma's and their supporters.
with respect and compassion,

Monday, March 14, 2011

POST 2 "How it all began or Adventures in Shtupping 101..."

OK, so wow, first of all a big, huge SHOUT OUT to all of you for your amazing responses both on and off this here bloggy thingy...I am truly touched...I never knew I had so much support at my fingertips...(sniffle, I'm not tearing up there's just something in my eye)...

So I'm gonna need to get y'all caught up before my first frozen embryo transfer (that's where, through the magic of modern medicine, Dr.'s take embryos that have been hanging out in the arctic circle (i.e. a tiny, frozen, glass straw), thaw them and immediately put them back into your uterus) which is happening in like, three weeks.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

POST 1: "Houston, we have lift off!!"

Testing...1,2,3...Check, check...Is this thing on?!?
It is???
It is!!! We're rolling?? Holy Sh*t!...
Wow, What an epic achievement...So check it out: Today I actually figured out how to start a blog!
Don't laugh...for a card-carrying ludite who is quite content to be a non smart-phone sporting, non Facebook joining, can't figure out the whole Skyping thing chiquita (yeah, I know it just makes my life that much harder, but let me be a stick in the mud, OK?!?), I'm giving myself a gold star right now! Yeah me!!...