Ugandan Odyssey

Ugandan Odyssey
Me and the kidlets of Uganda

Monday, March 14, 2011

POST 2 "How it all began or Adventures in Shtupping 101..."

OK, so wow, first of all a big, huge SHOUT OUT to all of you for your amazing responses both on and off this here bloggy thingy...I am truly touched...I never knew I had so much support at my fingertips...(sniffle, I'm not tearing up there's just something in my eye)...

So I'm gonna need to get y'all caught up before my first frozen embryo transfer (that's where, through the magic of modern medicine, Dr.'s take embryos that have been hanging out in the arctic circle (i.e. a tiny, frozen, glass straw), thaw them and immediately put them back into your uterus) which is happening in like, three weeks.