Ugandan Odyssey

Ugandan Odyssey
Me and the kidlets of Uganda

Monday, May 2, 2011

BiG NeWs!!!!!

Hey everybody!
It's been, like, forever since I posted...Sorry 'bout that...
As often happens, life got in the way...
Anyway, I have a super long post which takes off where my last post ended...That post will come out in a day or two...
In the meantime, what I wanted to put out there into the ether is that I have my first FET (frozen embryo transfer) this Friday, May 9th at 11am!!!!!!  We're transferring 4 embryos in at that time. Send me lots of BabyDust if you will at that time. I'd really appreciate it.
I'm excited, anxious, overjoyed, terrified, hopeful and fearful all at the same time...Trying to stay grounded and present...
I'm also on a boatload of estrogen (happy times ~ said oh so sarcastically) and about to be on progesterone in the next 12 hours...The hormones are making feel me kinda funky, but unlike my last trip down this path, I'm able to handle my -isms...In fact, one of my closest friends, just the other day, said that I was remarkably calm (she also believes in the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy, but hey, what are ya gonna do, ya find your friends where ya can you know?!)--Just joking, she's a total sweetheart and damn well knows the difference between fact and fantasy...
Now where was I? Oh yeah....
So I'm gonna try to get some rest this eve and will get the long-awaited post ready for publishing...Don't want to let ya'll down around the next chapter of my fertility journey as it is quite a story.
Quote time: "Be courageous, It is one of the only places left uncrowded" ~Anna Roddick
Big hugs all around,


  1. So exciting!!! Sending so much love and positivity your way for Friday!!!

  2. Thanx Rebecca!!! I appreciate your being on this journey with me! ~Kara

  3. Long time, no post. Here's hoping things go well.